Nature is our element.

The scientific progress, recorded during this century, and the resulting technological development, if on one hand produced a remarkable social and economic progress, on the other hand they increased the human presence in the area, activating processes of urbanization and industrialization. The result is a drastic transformation of the land use, which is related with the growth of the impact on it and the situation of environmental imbalance.

The race for development has produced strong processes of environmental degeneration and the resulting effects on the ecological balance and on the life quality. It should inspire a deep reflection, being aware of the environmental stress which coincides with the crisis of the system where we live. With these requirements, we need a new philosophy which leads up to a policy of intervention focused on the reclamation of degraded natural environments, but above all on the achievement of temporal space balance between men and environment, promoting a social and economic, especially eco-friendly, progress.

But the reclamation isn’t so easy: it needs experience, sensitivity, planning and realization abilities. The “Cooperativa Valli Unite del Canavese” works to this end. The strong points: -our people, -client’s satisfaction, -balance between man and environment, -innovation spirit, -young framework.

  • our people
  • client’s satisfaction
  • balance between man and environmen
  • innovation spirit
  • young framework


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Progetto B.A.L.LA. 2

Progetto finalizzato all’ottimizzazione e misura dei parametri acustici della barriera stradale antirumore in legno di castagno non trattato e pura lana vergine sviluppata nell’ambito del precedente progetto B.A.L.LA.