For years, the Cooperative Valli Unite the Canavese produces poles with bark of chestnut and larch for various uses: from engineering to the natural rustic fencing structures for orchards and vineyards. The cooperative produces more than 10,000 of poles debarked year, thanks to a debarking plant specially modified to treat the wood of chestnut, notoriously straight, regular and uniform.

The production is directed mainly to the field of bioengineering. The Cooperative is also able to provide the material directly in cantiere.La Cooperative is also involved in all stages of production of the wooden pole. From the procurement of raw material in the Piedmont woods to the delivery of finished product. Management, reliable, and environmentally controlled that guarantees the consumer the high quality of products.


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Chestnut: our timber.

Chestnut, a tree that is originally from the Mediterranean, provides a valuable timber, particularly durable and compact.The perfect rooting, the elasticity and its high resistance to natural deterioration and dampness make it the ideal material for the production of barked poles. The co-operative society also produces larch poles.

Diameters range:

  • 6-8 cm
  • 8-10 cm
  • 10-12 cm
  • 12-15 cm
  • 15-17 cm
  • 18-20 cm
  • 20-25 cm
  • 25-30 cm

Average duration:

  • Larch about 15 years old
  • Chestnut 30 years old

Other data:

  • Variable lengths
  • Custom Poles
  • Possibility of the tip



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