Inerbimento Tecnico

The operations of environmental reclamation of areas which are crippled from the human intervention (mines, road scarp...) or from natural events (landslips, earthquakes…) consist in a series of interventions with the task of ground safeguard from the erosion and of the human operas’ insertion in the surrounding landscape. Generally the last operation of these environmental placement interventions consists in planting and technical turfing. The success of this intervention is strictly connected with the competence of the executors and with the use of modern and efficient equipment and products.

We have developed and achieved these fundamental requisites step by step.


inerbimentocigliostrada scarpata-idrosemina

This intervention needs the correct choice of the mixture, it’s necessary to opt for the species which are more suitable with the under layer to grass over, to have the right quality and quantity compromise between gramineous and leguminous plants and to considerate the climate and the height of the intervention zone. The technique used by the Cooperative for the reconstruction of the grassy lawn is the hydro-seeding: a characteristic practice  which consists in the perfusion of a mixture made with water, seeds, manure, glue, pigment, wood fiber, cellulose, python-hormonal products and ground improving substances. All these elements are spread in a unique solution with special crop duster machines with high-pressure: the hydro-seeder.

Application sectors:

  • turfing of wide surfaces (ski slopes, reclamation of caves and dump, areas susceptible to movements of earth with destruction of the grassy field); 
  • turfing of zones with steep slopes (road scarp, green areas at high elevation, rock face, reinforced earth, banks);
  • turfing of ornamental green zones (parks, sports courts..)

  • Semi
    Miscela di semi
  • Geostuoie
  • Idrosemina
    Idrosemina su una scarpata
  • geostuoie
    Erba che nasce tra le geostuoie
  • Idrosemina
  • Operatore Idrosemina
    Operatore sparge l'idrosemina
  • Idrosemina


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