The Cooperativa Valli Unite deals also with the reinstatement and re-naturalization of extractive areas and mines. The aim is to assimilate the human intervention with the natural contest. The first operation to do is the regulation of superficial and underground water to make stable the interested area and the elimination of every kind of erosion process, which can be in the slopes. All these kinds of operations are referred to naturalist engineering, but they are integrated with a series of particular interventions:


Facings with geo-wickers or bio-wickers to improve the slopes erosion resistance which is caused by the raindrops and by the flowing water, to contain faint material and to help the growth of herbal greenery..


Planting trees and shrubs (in rows or in nucleus) to accelerate the re-naturalization of the area with the aim of the environmental re-insertion. For this reason we use essences which are suitable for the surrounding vegetation and which are integrated with organic substances, fertilizer and hydro-holders, mulching to limit the pressure and the competition between herbal species, shelter for the protection of little plants from the rodents, canes (also coloured) for the future maintenance of the area;


Simple or at gauge hydro-sawing to prevent or to implement the role of geo-wickers. Also in this case it is necessary to consider three factors:
1) rapidity of settlement with the aim of rapid and dense protection;
2) resistance and stability in the future of the local possible greenery;
3) intensity of development related with the ease and the maintenance timetable.

Finally for a correct intervention of hydro-seeding, it’s necessary to consider the right fertilizer and organic substance supply which depends on the under layer and the additions of glues and mulching for the fixing of seeds at the under layer.


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Progetto B.A.L.LA. 2

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