Nel giardinaggio c'è qualcosa di simile alla presunzione e al piacere della creazione: si può plasmare un pezzetto di terra come si vuole, per l'estate ci si può procurare i frutti, i colori e i profumi che si preferiscono. Si può trasformare una piccola aiola, un paio di metri quadrati di nuda terra, in un mare di colori, in una delizia per gli occhi, in un angolo di paradiso".
Hermann Hesse (1877/1962), scrittore tedesco.

Quality and competence are in attendance of your gardens.

Listen. Your dreams can become reality.

Every garden is an emotion, a triumph of colours and fragrances. Every garden holds the soul of whom has imagined, has dreamed, has desired it. Every garden is a little lost paradise. Our task is listening to your lost paradise and converting it in reality. We listen and understand your needs, your desires, your dream of green and we will transform it in a concrete project.


Conceive. And now it is the turn of our competence.


Competence, wise botanical knowledge and professionalism make our Cooperative highly qualified to convert your ideal garden in a concrete project. We develop ideas with three priorities (in addition to your desires): the climate, the ground and the spaces. Knowing and evaluating the elements which will host your green oasis is essential to make not only beautiful gardens, but that keep their beauty with the time.

Create. If you can dream it, you can realize it.

From the project to the garden. After the planning of every detail of the operation, an expert team will go ahead with the realization of the garden starting with the setup of plants, hedges and brushes; sowing the grassy lawn and proceeding with the setup of the lawn and the realization of automatic irrigation installations. With the wish that your corner of paradise causes in you the hoped emotions, the same which have excited and aroused us from the birth of the project to the realization of the finished opera.


In addition to the planning and the realization of green areas, the Cooperative is specialized in:


Maintenance of public and
private green areas


Planning and realization of


Pruning of

Area Attrezzata

Planning and realization
of equipped areas


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Progetto B.A.L.LA. 2

Progetto finalizzato all’ottimizzazione e misura dei parametri acustici della barriera stradale antirumore in legno di castagno non trattato e pura lana vergine sviluppata nell’ambito del precedente progetto B.A.L.LA.